What should I consider when booking a car for travel in Cyprus?

There are a lot of links, advertisements, reviews and suggestions available on the internet on request for a "car for rent in Cyprus". There will be dealers, aggregators with their own percentage of sales, and one-day companies with false reviews, existing before the moment of crediting to the account of the first deposit. In order to protect themselves from fraudsters and disappointments, it is desirable for travelers to choose a proven car rental service.

It is important that before the transfer of funds for the car, the traveler preparing to travel to Cyprus has no questions about the model and equipment of the car, the final cost of rent, the features of insurance and other technical issues. Full understanding can only ensure communication in the native language, so it is preferable to choose the rental, which is managed by compatriots.

In addition to mutual understanding, competitive rental prices, the availability of insurance should be prepared for the fact that in general, the car fleet of Cyprus is quite old. The locals, as they say, "do not bother", because there is a tenant for any car all year round. Calculating Cypriots want to get the most out of those cars that have, endlessly repairing the old fighting units, so invest in a new car park is not considered necessary. It is up to the tourist to decide whether or not to move around the mountains on an old car that has seen more than one hundred drivers in its lifetime. Therefore, it is worth keeping in mind that new cars are usually available only in Russian rentals.

Even if a tourist is lucky enough to book a relatively new car online at an adequate price in an international company, upon arrival in Cyprus he may be disappointed. A good car is most likely to be picked up by tourists who come to rent in person. Keep the car in the reservation, having the opportunity to benefit from it here and now, no one will be. Therefore, a tourist who has booked a car in an international company will be politely smiled, complained of misunderstanding and offered to ride in return for what is left in stock and is not always equal to what was prepaid.

Cypriot villages, monasteries, natural and water parks, beaches, restaurants, clubs, fishing and many other routes for tourists will be found on the site of Russian car rental PHINIST LTD. For comfortable trips, "Finist" will offer tourists new cars for all tastes and budgets. In addition to the direct choice and booking of vehicles, the company's website offers a lot of interesting things for pro-travelers and beginners. Cyprus will leave unforgettable impressions, and only with a "+" sign!

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