Troodos Kikkos

Troodos is a mountain range in South Cyprus full of villages, wineries and monasteries. There is a ski resort, trout farms, donkey farms and much more.

Before you go on a trip, we recommend that you install a navigation software on your phone (free of charge and working without the Internet), which you will need.

We recommend that you to go to the mountains through Limassol before you reach the city, switch to Kikkos Monastery (this is the fastest and most comfortable way)!

Your way goes through Platres - Troodos (here is a ski resort in winter) - Mount Olympos (the highest point in Cyprus). In the village of Prodromos you can visit the abandoned hotel "Berengaria", the monastery of Troditissa, the monastery of Kikkos.

 Platres is a small village in Troodos. The town is surrounded by many hiking trails and there are two beautiful waterfalls - Caledonia and Millomerio.

You can also visit Sparti Platres Rope Adventure Park (Panda Park),

Drive up to the Psilo Dendro trout farm and try fresh trout.

The road from Limassol to Platres is not much of a sight to behold, with small stretches of serpentines and narrow streets.

We drive from Platres further up. Troodos is a town in the mountains of the same name. There is the only ski resort in Cyprus, a lot of cafes, souvenirs and hotels.

From Troodos it is a short walk to the highest point of Cyprus. We are approaching Mount Olympos (not to be confused with the Greek Olympus). It rises above sea level by 1952 meters. Here you will meet many curves and narrow serpentines, where it is difficult to disperse.

Further along the route is the town of Prodromos. You can stop here to visit the famous hotel "Berengaria".

The next point after Prodromos is the Kikkos Monastery. It is difficult to get here - from Prodromos to Kikkos there is a winding serpentine, and you need to constantly monitor the narrow winding road. The monastery itself hides among the green mountains. On the way to it among the necklaces of the mountain monasteries of Cyprus. The most precious diamond is the monastery in the name of the icon of the Mother of God Troditissa the Lady of the Troodos Mountains, one of the most beloved icons of the people of Cyprus. She is surrounded by veneration and worship, shrouded in legends and legends. Especially many wonderful cases of help to parents who do not have children. But it is believed that she, like the Belt of the Virgin, cures not only for infertility, but also many other diseases.  The monastery is located on one of the tributaries of the Diarrhizos River, five kilometers from the village of Platres, at an altitude of about 1400 meters above sea level. Its name literally translates as "Living in the Troodos Mountains". Because of its altitude, it is called the "first step to Heaven" or "Queen of Cypriot Monasteries".

The Panagia tou Kykkou is a restful way to get there and is better known among the people and tourists as Kikkos. The authority of the monastery is so great and undisputed that 90% of tourists do not even have the question of whether or not to visit it.

On the way back, visit the AGIOS DEMITRIOS Restaurant, where you will taste delicious Cypriot homemade food and get a 15% discount on your bill when you show our PHINIST RENT CAR key fob with your car number.

What do you need to consider when booking a car for travel in Cyprus?

Cyprus is a resort where a free tourist, regardless of location, has nothing to do without personal transport. Geographical spread of sights, mountainous terrain, hot climate do not require long walks. Even among the local population it is not customary to walk to the shop - all movements are made with comfort on an air-conditioned car or on a bike. Taxis in Cyprus are extremely expensive, so tourists who want to see the island on their own can't do without renting a car. Two wheels have their own romance and charm, but you need a love of such transport, a certain skill of driving and a driver's license category "A", and for families of more than 2 people this option is not suitable, so most holidaymakers prefer cars to motorcycles.

In the Cypriot streets you can find many companies offering to rent a car. Experienced tourists know that prices "on the spot" are usually 2-3 times higher, and the choice of cars - less than when booking online. Therefore, it is better to choose and book a four-wheeled friend before the trip, from home, in a calm atmosphere.

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