The village Omodos

Be sure to visit the village  Omodos with the Life-giving CREST monastery, the temple was founded in 210 AD, and the monastery in the 4th century by Queen Elena.

According to the legend, the inhabitants of neighboring villages noticed the fire in the bushes (unrealizable cupola), which glowed for several nights in a row. And in the excavated place the locals found a cave and a cross, which is stored in the monastery among other relics. Above the cave, a church was built. On that place subsequently have created monastery (up to 327 years of time of visit by Empress Elena). And a large settlement of people around the monastery was formed. During the following years, the church was expanded and converted into a monastery with many monks, who were not only from Cyprus but also from other countries. Saint Elena donated relics to the church:

Particles from the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified (inlaid in a precious cross for worship);

The parts of the rope "Agios Kanavos" ("Holy rope of hemp") or "Agios of the Tabernacle" ("Holy rope"), which was tied to the cross by Jesus Christ after the nails, so that the weight of his own body did not serve as a fall from the cross, then the tear of the soft tissues of the body from the metal nails (inlaid in the precious cross for worship, is the only such preserved relic in the world)

The village is similar in colour to the little Venice, the old stone streets lead you to the lace shops, to the shops of Cypriot delicacies. You will have the opportunity to taste freshly baked rustic bread, taste Cypra wines, taste olive oil or zipping. You'll plunge into and feel the friendly village spirit of our island.

To come to the village of Omodos it is better to turn to the village of Kouklia from the trail, and back I suggest you to take a course to the town of Limassol for which there will be a pointer to (Saint George) the active convent of St. George on the white cliffs, with the miraculous icon of St. George. At the monastery shop you can buy creams made from herbs harvested in the Troodos Mountains, mountain honey with a monastery apiary and cherry jam, blackberries and other berries. From the monastery the road leads you to the sea, on the coast there is a fish tavern with a playground and sun loungers, a beautiful view of the sea and white cliffs.

We wish you a pleasant trip!

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