Sightseeing of Pissouri


Pissouri's architecture is unusual and interesting in itself. You can wander through its streets and admire the neat old houses, which are several tiers up the slope. Of course, there are especially valuable historical buildings in the village. For example, the Church of Apostle Andrew, which is located on one of the main streets. The building dates from the end of the 19th century and is made of local stone and decorated with carved wooden figures.

The church of Agios Mavrigios.  Another unusual church is located nearby. It is Agios-Mavrigios. It is built so close to the hill that it seems to be an extension of it. The villagers believe that it is not by chance that this Christian building was built here. It is said that even the land taken from the walls of Agios-Mavrikos can heal.

The Chapel of Prophet Elijah.  To finish inspection of cult constructions of district costs in a chapel of prophet Elijah. The very location of this ancient holy place is unusual. On the very top of the hill, among the pine grove, erected a modest structure that keeps inside the unique rock paintings.

If you are interested in the ancient history, then its monuments will be found nearby. For example, the famous ancient Cyprus temples of Aphrodite and Apollo. It is worth mentioning about the legendary place of the phenomenon of the goddess of love from the foam of the sea. According to myths, it happened on one of the local beaches. Cypriots believe that bathing in this place promises beauty and youth for many years to come.

We wish you a pleasant journey!

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