Monastery Chrysostoyatisse

The monastery is small, located at the foot of the Troodos Mountains. A magical panorama opens from the veranda of the monastery and the cells of monks.

According to the legend, the icon of the Virgin Mary was created by Apostle Luke by himself, the Virgin Mary was depicted in a shining crown, purple roses were woven with gold ornaments depicting pomegranate fruits. For a long time people have felt that the torments of conscience are alleviated if you repent before the face of the Virgin Mary. In troubled times, the icon was thrown into the sea from Isabria for its salvation, the waves blasted the icon to the pathos shores, the fisherman safely hid the precious icon to the best of times in the cave, after 400 years hermit Ignatius saw a glow in the mountains going into the light in the cave in the shining rays, he found the icon. On Mount Roya in the place where Ignatius was pointed out by an angel, a small temple and a monastery of Chrysovetatisse were built.

The monastery is famous for its hospitality. More than one generation of Cypriots healed their souls while worshipping the Mother of God of the Golden Pomegranate.

The abbot of the monastery established the production of wine and the monks having a small wine factory produce high-quality wines of St. Andronicos white dry, St. Ilias red dry and so on, known far beyond Cyprus. In the cellars of the monastery there are old wine cellars, which you can visit.

The monks are famous for their ability to restore icons. Hegumen Dionysius himself is a deep connoisseur of iconography. So in the works and prayers slowly flows life in the ancient monastery, which is like a frame of a gemstone, carefully keeps the shrines, the image of the Virgin Mary.

We wish you a pleasant journey!

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