The weather on the island


Winter in Cyprus is unusual: the temperature rarely falls below 15 ° C. The coldest month of the year is January. The Cypriot winter is rainy and fickle, with sunny days interspersed with long rains and cloudy skies. Rivers are overflowing with water and overflowing with water.

With the onset of winter, resort life stops and most hotels in Cyprus close down. The authorities carefully monitor the environment, so the air and sea here is unusually clean.

Not spoilt by the warmth of the inhabitants of the northern countries bathe in the sea at this time of year, although the water temperature does not exceed +17-18 ° C. There is a ski resort in Cyprus - it is located on Mount Olympos in Troodos. So snowboarding, alpine skiing, sledding and snow sports are at your disposal.


Spring weather in Cyprus is unusually fresh but beautiful. Cyprus blossoms all over and then starts to bear fruit. In nature at this time of year I want to be constantly.

The cunning of the Cypriot spring is the following: in the daytime the sun can bake and you want to undress. But at the first dusk it is necessary to put on a jacket as soon as possible, as the thermometer's column drops sharply. You can swim in Cyprus in spring, but each one determines the beginning of the beach season. For example, in April it is quite hot in Cyprus, but the water is still cold (up to +20 degrees), so many are limited to sunbathing. But in May, most begin to bathe, including children - in the second half of the last month of spring, the weather is really summery.



Summer in Cyprus is a hot season that attracts holidaymakers from all over the world.

At this time, the island is bustling with life - tens of thousands of tourists from different countries come here.

Cyprus in summer is not only beaches, bars and the sea, but also an active cultural life. The peak of heat in Cyprus is in August. At this time it is not recommended to come people who do not tolerate the heat - in the shade can be up to +35 degrees. But if a tourist suddenly feels unimportant because of high temperatures, you can always "hide" in the mountains - in Troodos in the highlands is always fresh and cool, and the temperature does not rise above +27 degrees. Lovers of quiet rest will enjoy agrotourism (in small villages in Cyprus). These may be also small coastal villages.


The weather in Cyprus in autumn is something wonderful. This is the time of year when many Cypriots and tourists consider it the best on the island, and it is not for nothing! In autumn, Cyprus is hot during the day and cool at night. A pleasant wind blows from the sea, which does not penetrate, but brings soft freshness.

The first half of autumn in Cyprus is a full beach season, which is called the velvet season. At this time, the terrible heat, which is unbearable for northerners and people with cardiovascular diseases, drops, the air gets comfortable temperature, and the water remains warm to +25-27 degrees.

Therefore, until mid-October, one can safely splash into the sea and sunbathe in Cyprus.

In autumn it is comfortable to be outside all day, so excursions, walks, sports - everything is for you!

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