For a comfortable stay in Cyprus you need complete freedom of movement

Cyprus is a pearl of the Mediterranean with beautiful resort towns with developed infrastructure. Despite the relatively compact size of the island, just over 9200 square kilometers, each beach and resort area has its own "face". Many beaches on the Cypriot coast have been awarded with the Blue Flag, an annual award for crystal clear water and safe bathing.

Whatever Cypriot resort is chosen by tourists, there is a long way to go to visit the sights of the island. Of course, buses with guides carry tourists from hotels. However, this option is more suitable for "packet" tourists - those who prefer to have a rest on the territory of the hotel and leave only by the rules of guides, not having the opportunity to make creative compromises in the choice of routes and time of visiting excursions. A trip by taxi or rented car is a different story. However, it should be taken into account that taxi services on the island are very expensive, in addition, not every driver will agree to wait for tourists who, for example, came to the monastery and came to the service, or want to meet the sunset picnic on the rocks.

Undoubtedly, the best choice for tourists who are used to planning their own vacation, without relying on a uniform excursion program accompanied by a crowd of compatriots, will be a trip around the island in a rented car. Mobility, accessibility of all beaches and sights, the ability to see off every sunset in a new type of restaurant without looking back for a while will be a pleasant bonus of comfortable movement around any part of the island, where even in the shop for milk in the locals is not accepted to walk. Steep ascents and descents, heat, distances will be nothing when there will be a car. However, it is necessary to choose a car in such a way that in the process of mutual settlements with the rental and the operation of the vehicle there is no trouble and disappointment.

It is best to choose and book a car from home in advance, when the high season has not yet arrived and good cars are not leased out for long-term rent. Besides, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to choose cars with insurance. A small mileage and, as a consequence, impeccable technical condition of the car can boast not all rental agencies. Moreover, Cypriots are accustomed to getting maximum profit from rental cars with minimal investment, so, booking a car on the international site, you can get a "cat in a bag". When inspecting the car on the spot, the landlord will most likely refer to the misunderstanding that arose during the remote booking. It is also not uncommon for a tourist to book and pay for a "fresh" car in advance, and receive a lease of the transport that remained unclaimed at the time of his arrival in Cyprus. It is clear that the most problematic cars, which nobody wanted to rent, are stagnating.

To avoid such troubles, it makes sense to apply to the Russian rental company by booking a car with their compatriots. This, at the very least, will exclude misunderstandings due to the language barrier, besides, the approach of Russians to business is absolutely different from that of Cypriots and other foreigners, so all cars will be new and insured. Booking a "Lexus", you do not have to travel on an unfamiliar mountainous terrain in an old "Nissan" without a spare, the Russians guarantee the car, which will be chosen and prepaid.

When going on vacation in Cyprus, it is necessary to make a travel route in advance. This will help to save time and for short vacation days to visit the maximum number of attractions without losing comfort. There are interesting routes on the page of Russian car rental PHINIST LTD. Even if holidaymakers wish to spend time at the villa in peace, without active inspection of tourist places, a comfortable car will be very helpful: cardio training in the form of a walk for fruit in the 30-degree heat up the stone bridge are good, but not daily, especially - on vacation.

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